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About Us

RTP is based in Madeira Beach, Florida and opened operations in 1997. A west-coast sales office was established in 2001. We offer customized reusable systems solutions to a broad range of industry applications. Our goal is to save our clients money by helping them implement a Reusable Transport Packaging program.

Reusable Transport Packaging is a leading provider of returnable plastic containers, pallets, and hand-held totes customized to fit your every transportation need. We offer a wide array of products including sleeve packs, rolling plastic and metal carts, bulk boxes, and bins. We can help you streamline and improve your collection, storage, and distribution processes to help you package and transport with ease.

While many companies sell limited or specialized packaging solutions, we provide complete packaging systems tailored to fit specific company operations.



Sanitary, Stackable, Lightweight Plastic, Foldable, Economic, Reusable.

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You can save the environment and save money too. Reusable bulk containers are the sensible sollution for your storage and transportation needs.

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