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Liquid Shipping Containers

Reusable, bulk liquid shipping containers.

Plastic - Reusable - Economical - Stackable - Foldable

Ridgid, lightweight plastic reusable containers for transport and storage of liquid and dry flowable products.

Liquid Shipping Containers
  • Designed to withstand tough demands
  • Storage Space saved by collapsing containers when empty
  • Available in top and bottom discharge versions
  • Compatible with form-fit and pillow-style liners – sterile or non-sterile styles depending on your application
  • FDA Approved Hygienic Design with smooth surfaces and rounded corners



Sanitary, Stackable, Lightweight Plastic, Foldable, Economic, Reusable.

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Liquid Shipping Bulk Containers

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You can save the environment and save money too. Reusable bulk containers are the sensible sollution for your storage and transportation needs.

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